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New Taste of Software

With more than 80 skilled stuff, we can make everything possible.

Since the beginning, this company has aimed to produce simple and innovative products using the best, and at the same time, most reliable modern technologies to facilitate and accelerate financial and management affairs of businesses and individuals all over the world.

With the slogan of “A New Taste of Financial and Management Software”, this company is active in all areas of the country with its 50-thousand-member family of desktop financial software and more than 120-thousand-member in all products, producing financial and management software for customers.


New Taste Of Software-MahakSoft

Why Life Budget?

Now, You Know Where Your Money Goes

The importance of managing and budgeting income and expenses for each person is well known. The state and complexity of recording incomes and expenses, and especially budgeting, is the biggest obstacle for people’s attention to this expedience. The Life Budget app is designed and built in a momentarily and daily state based on simplicity and ease state to determine the budget and record incomes and expenses.

Life Budget

Life Budget supports 8 live languages in the world, Shamsi and Gregorian calendar as well as all currencies in the world. You can also determine the place of that expense when you register each of them. Don’t worry about losing data when your phone crashes or gets stolen, because Life Budget automatically backs up your recorded data to your Drop box account. Try the Life Budget now for free.