Our Aspiration

““Creation of a New Taste of Software in an Easy and Innovative Manner on a Global Level””


Mahak Software Group

The majority of activities of Mahak Software Group is related to the production and support of financial and management software. Since the beginning, this company has aimed to produce simple and innovative products using the best, and at the same time, most reliable modern technologies to facilitate and accelerate financial and management affairs of businesses and individuals all over the world. We believe that adherence to the principle of honesty, mutual trust, and winner triangle of customer, employee, and investor are factors for guaranteed survival and growth of Mahak Software Group in this vicissitudinous path to create a better living condition in the society. We deeply hope that by the help of God, we will be honored to announce the trust and satisfaction of our customers with our products similar to the past years.

We can achieve customer satisfaction by exploiting the most committed, creative and efficient human resource and providing the opportunity for innovation, occupation progress and self-flourishing of employees. Moreover, one of our main responsibilities has been attempting to improve the culture of financial management, so that enhanced economic condition of businesses, increased order and financial trust in the society, and improved economy of families can be realized in the community. Other services of Mahak Production Co., which can be used by all various walks of life in the society, are protection of the environment by decreased use of papers and developing electronic processes and improved use of software products.